Glitch wants to take you back to the first website you ever made

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Big trip back in time. I’ve got some pages I built from the mid ninties sitting around on my hard drive as well as the copy of “The Complete Idiots Guide to Javascript” which I learned some basics on back in 1997. I think my biggest memory of this time period was doing an extremely complex site layout in tables and when modifications came into the layout spending a good hour or two reworking how the table was all set up.

Aspirant developers are told they have to learn HAML, LESS, CoffeeScript, React and whatever else fly-by-night bullshit Hacker News is spruiking. Honestly, I don’t care. I’ve tuned out at this point, and I’m not alone.

Which is why I love Glitch, from Fog Creek. We’ve written about this site before. Essentially, it’s a playground where you can remix other people’s code in a safe and self-contained environment.