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It’s coming up on October 31st again which means it’s time for our household to start building out our Halloween decorations. We enjoy Halloween in our neighborhood. There’s quite a few kids on our street and we get into the spirit.

Now when I say get into the spirit, I mean that through the lens of a child. There are plenty of houses that go for the scary theme. For us, it’s more a matter of spooky. The other houses can be Universal Horror Nights, we want to be Disney’s spooky time and aim for the feel of the Haunted Mansion at Disney… spooky and not scary. It should be a little scary for the little tots, but not so scary that they can’t come and get their candy.

Last year we did a pretty great theme based around toxic waste and mutant candy corns.

We love the fact that you can pretty much make all of this stuff yourselves with UV paint, plaster of Paris, Home Depot runs, as well as some simple motors to drive the animatronics.


We also do a custom window animations that we love to make and is something that requires the design and skills of both my wife and myself.


This year we’re going to do something a little different, still the same kind of goody atmostphere, but something that’s a little more involved from the animatronics and staging.