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I've meant to fix this Amiga 500 for a few years now.  I had originally stopped working on it when we moved into the house and it's only been lately that I've been able to return to it.

I originally tried to update kickstart 3.1 with a board to make this version of the motherboard work correctly with this kickstart ROM.I originally tried to update Kickstart 3.1 with a board to make this motherboard version work correctly with this Kickstart ROM.  This caused a black screen during boot.  I removed the 3.1 Rom and returned to the 1.2 Rom, which still didn't work/stopped on a yellow screen.  Somehow I zapped the machine and now it all is working correctly.  It's very strange, but it's all good. I tested the floppy drive and it's working fine.  The last hurdle is getting the keyboard working correctly & building out a cable for analog RGB.