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In my first official video I decide I don't know what I'm doing with the Commodore Vic-20 and decide to rectify that. I need to get my hands on a Vic-20, try to get it running and clean it all up. I get most of the way there, but a few things remain (along with a few additional projects) that I'll try out in the next episode.

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My company uses COBOL. While it's easy to write a click bait headline like the one above, it's much harder to actually replace or even replicate a lot of what COBOL and the systems that rely on it.

The third option, however, is the cheapest and probably easiest. Instead of trying to completely revamp the entire system, Döderlein suggests that banks take a closer look at the current consumer problems.

Just a great quote form a good article.  I see a lot of teams getting bogged down in trying to boil the ocean to solve problems, when a few smart moves can make a big difference.

There's a difference between being on the bleeding edge and being a successful follower. You don't have to keep inventing new things, but you do have to react quickly.

We've been using slack integrations with our git repos, Jenkins, Jira and are looking at integrations with AppDynamics and some extreme feedback items.  We found it incredibly helpful for our team members on support to create some custom Hubot scripts.  These tell support things like what time it is on the ship, what version of the application is deployed, how much memory and how many processes things like Apache, MySQL, and Node.js have.

As my curiosity grew with each ding, I began to wonder things like, What if there was a failure to create a new user? What if a user registered, logged in but didn’t complete the onboarding process? What is the result of our scheduled tasks? Now that the groundwork was in place, answering these questions was a piece of cake.

Big trip back in time.  I've got some pages I built from the mid nineties sitting around on my hard drive as well as the copy of "The Complete Idiots Guide to JavaScript" which I learned some basics on back in 1997. I think my biggest memory of this time period was doing an extremely complex site layout in tables and when modifications came into the layout spending a good hour or two reworking how the table was all set up.

Aspirant developers are told they have to learn HAML, LESS, CoffeeScript, React and whatever else fly-by-night bullshit Hacker News is spruiking. Honestly, I don’t care. I’ve tuned out at this point, and I’m not alone.

Which is why I love Glitch, from Fog Creek. We’ve written about this site before. Essentially, it’s a playground where you can remix other people’s code in a safe and self-contained environment.

A lot of people practicing Agile or Lean forget that what it primarily boils down to is a way to more quickly get value in front of customers, test their reactions and pivot accordingly.

Most organizations don’t test their innovation ideas with quick experiments to generate real-world evidence. Instead, they rely on in-house opinions, or conversations with lead customers to vet ideas. When data-driven experiments are run (like market surveys), they often take too long, cost too much or deliver little new insight to develop the idea.

Did this one after watching the original video on YouTube.  For some reason the horse sounded like it was yodeling.

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Nice overview of the OCEAN project. The platform my team has created makes a great segue into OCEAN.

Princess is the perfect choice to first receive the technology as it really is a natural evolution of its award-winning Princess@Sea mobile app, which continues to be offered fleet-wide as the new rollout will surely eventually supersede it. After Regal Princess, Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess will be next to feature Ocean Medallion in early 2018.

Very proud of what my team has been able to accomplish with the platform that we rolled out across the princess fleet over the past couple years.  More great things to come!

After first demoing the app and speaking directly with Nate Craddock, project lead for guest experience applications, it’s a treat to see that Princess Cruises’ ace Princess@Sea mobile app has recently won a well deserved 2016 Acquia Engage Award.

Also liked this bit quite a bit as it is exactly what we have been working toward.

From my own personal experience using the app, I can attest that it is indeed user-friendly and marks one of the best cruise line endeavors for digitizing and bettering the guest experience, one that is a model that more should mimic. 

Short write up on all the initiatives going on in seagoing hospitality.  Of course I'm adding a quote from myself :D

But Wi-Fi isn't the only way to get online. Princess Cruise Lines has recently deployed an app to its entire fleet of 17 ships so passengers can communicate with each other on board for free—a boon on a ship that is a thousand feet long. The Princess app includes menus, an option for rating on-board restaurants, and real-time information updates on excursions and events on the ship, said Nate Craddock, project lead for guest experience applications for Princess Cruise Lines.