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A video we made with our friends at Acquia to feature the use case that we have at Princess with Drupal.

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Another benefit of having a web based platform - no need to download an app and not limited to a small selection of platforms.

Guest who do not download the app will still be able to send messages to other passengers using Princess@Sea, the award winning app that debuted on the Royal Princess.  Princess@Sea allows guests to view the day’s events and activities, their stateroom account, restaurant menus, and other information about their cruise from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Fun discussion about Content Management, what we're doing at Princess with Drupal and so on.  I also do sing karaoke...

Nate Craddock (nate_craddock) Subbu Hariharan (subru77), and Hillary Neaf (nektir) from Princess Cruises join Ted Bowman and Mike Anello to talk about Princess Cruises’ use of Drupal both on and off-shore. We also cover five stories, five picks of the week, and five questions!

Congrats to my team!

Princess Cruises 

Princess@Sea    Cruise - Overall - Mobile App    Santa Clartia, CA

Some stuff I shot ages ago on my HV20.  Lots of goofiness etc.

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Performs pretty well for a camera under $200.  Though you'll notice lots of rolling shutter / jello cam issues heightened by the smoothcam.  I think I could have skewed those to make it look normal.  I apologize for the silliness at the end.

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The epic third part in the Super Console Wars series presented in 3-d.

If you need 3d glasses you can make your own low rent versions like here or you can get a free pair here.


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